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          The barren hillock is situated in R R Nagar, Bangalore. During my childhood, I would take on tasks that no one else could complete. While developing RR Nagar, I saw the rocky hillock and observed its potential. The land was available, soil was fertile, there was a water source, and the atmosphere was good. However, nobody was interested in developing agriculture in that land. I was motivated by Dr. Rajkumar's movie, Bangaradha Manushya, in which he takes on the challenge of developing wasteland and succeeds.

     Despite the challenges of this barren and rocky land, including no soil, no water source, and too much wind pressure, I made up my mind to develop this land and show the world what is possible. With government permission and Cabinet approval, I purchased the land to develop tourism. I started developing the land with the help of 500 manual laborers, constructing an ancient fort, a man-made cave, and man-made waterfalls. However, I faced harassment from political leaders, government officials, and many obstacles, even after taking permission from the ministry of Cabinet.

     Despite the criticism from my own people, I continued to work hard and planted more than 10,000 trees on the barren land. Finally, I converted the rocky Land into a paradise land, which attracted about 350 film shootings and corporate companies' conferences and seminars. The hillock became a tourist attraction, with the speciality of Mexican grass layers on the Paradise.

    Through my hard work, dedication to service, willpower, and experience, I succeeded in converting barren land to paradise. I became an architect, civil engineer, planner, designer, legal expert, and financial manager. All the money I invested in the land became worth multicrores. This barren rockland is now a case study for work implementation, planning, architectural design, finance management, legal formalities, and government processes. 

Shakthi Hill Resort Creation Video

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